Umar: Need a leader who can solve pertinent issues

Former Home Minister Umar Naseer speaks at ‘The war fought, the war which will be fought’ event held to mark Victory Day on November 3, 2022. (Sun Photo)

Former Home Minister Umar Naseer, who has announced his candidacy for the upcoming presidential elections, underscoring that it is the government’s responsibility to develop harbors and reclaim lagoons, has stated that the nation needs a leader capable of fixing major issues within. 

Speaking to residents of V. Keydhoo during a campaign visit on Friday, Umar cited issues that need to be addressed as national debt levels, drug addiction among youths, lack of discipline among school students, hike in gang crimes and murders among others.

“These are issues that no one has been able to solve. Leaders can come and go. But these issues will remain until you elect a strong-willed and brave individual as the nation’s leader,” he said.

Umar said his plan is to save the nation from the aforementioned issues and lead with peace. He also emphasized the importance of deliberating on the reasons why the country fell into ruins.

“We are being corrupted because we do not uphold the principles of Islam. That is why I have always advocated to grip on the Islamic Shariah. To urge the country closer to Islamic Shariah,” he said.

Umar, stressing those who traffic drugs into the Maldives should be sentenced to death, said the drug issue in the nation cannot be solved otherwise. He said the country’s issues plunge a little lower every time one leader concludes their term.

Therewith, he urged the public to cast their vote in this year’s election against all such matters.