JMC staff goes on hunger strike over quality of meals provided

Employees of JMC Projects (India) Limited protest at work site in Hulhumale' on March 29, 2023. (Photo/Social Media)

Employees of JMC Projects (India) Limited contracted to develop 2,000 housing units by Fahi Dhiriulhun Corporation Limited (FDC) in Hulhumale’ Phase II have begun a hunger strike over the low quality of meals provided to them.

Almost 2,000 employees of the company began the hunger strike two days ago,

Their main concern is the meals for their consumption being prepared using ingredients that have gone bad.  

Sun has learned that many of the employees halted their work and gathered on the road to protest this evening. Many police officers attended the scene subsequently.

JMC employees also protested several times during March over unpaid wages and the non-facilitation of meals.

FDC had contracted the construction of 4,000 housing units to two Indian companies; NBCC India Limited and JMC. Each company will undertake the construction of 2000 housing units situated in 16 towers.