MNDF searching for animal spotted in Maafaru International Airport

Screengrab from the vidoe of the animal seen at Maafaru International Airport.

Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) on Monday begun searching for an animal believed to be a large feline, spotted at Maafaru International Airport.

A video has been going viral where a large animal is seen going alone the airports airside.

Speaking with Sun, the President of Maafaru council Mohamed Adhnaan said that is was not clear whether the “beast” has roamed within the island or not.

“There is a fence put to stop crossing from that side. But the concern is that it might come into the island from the beach side.”

So far, MNDF has not been successful in their search.

The animal was spotted and videoed by expatriate workers working in the area. The footage is believed to be taken Monday morning.