Principal: Ahmadhiyya's result best in A'Levels

Ahmadhiyya Internationl School's Principal Mohamed Rasheed.

Ahmadhiyya International School’s principal Mohamed Rasheed said that the school was one of the best for studying A’level in Maldives.

Speaking with Sun, Rasheed spoke about how they aim to improve its results year by year, and that the school works very hard for it.

Noting that it has not been too long since Ahmadhiyya started offering A’Level, by the results brought by the school has been improving.

“The result from Ahmadhiyya has become the best in Maldives.”

Rasheed also spoke about the team of teachers currently in school. He said that they were the most experienced team of teachers.

A teacher taking lessons in a classroom of Ahmadhiyya. (Photo / Ahmadhiyya International School)

“Ahmadhiyya will always compete with Ahmadhiya’s results. We prioritize making the outcome of the next exam better than the latest results.”

Currently, Ahmadhiyya has opened enrolment to students to completed their O’Levels this year.

In addition to this, Rasheed said that numerous students from the atolls also join Ahmadhiyya for their A’Levels. He added that those students also often achieve very good results.

“Students knows that Ahmadhiyya is a school that will get the results. We have proved that in both O’Level an A’Levels”.

Last year, a total of 206 students took part in A’Level from Ahmadhiyya International School, with 87 students were in the top ten results. This includes three students who received the President’s Scholarship for achieving A* results from five subjects, and one students with six A*’s.