Hithadhoo magistrate reprimanded for 5-month delay in verdict

Rafeeuddin Ahmed, Magistrate at Hithadhoo Magistrate Court.

Rafeeudddin Ahmed, a magistrate at the S. Hithadhoo Court, has been reprimanded by the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) for a months-long delay in issuing a verdict in a case.

In a statement on Monday, JSC said an inquiry found Rafeeuddin failed to hold the sentencing hearing in a case at the Hithadhoo Magistrate Court within the required 30 days after hearings concluded.

JSC said the information it collected and Rafeeuddin’s own statement proved he had issued the verdict 157 days after closing arguments were presented.

The commission said the inquiry found Rafeeuddin failed to issue the verdict within the required 30 days despite having ample time to do so, and due to his negligence.

JSC decided to issue him a reprimand as punishment.