Retired MNDF, Police officers create organization - Minds

From the first general meeting held by Minds.

Retired officers from Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) and Maldives Police Services come together to create an organization called ‘Minds’.

 Sharing information about the organization, a leading member revealed to Sun that they had submitted application for registration to the Ministry of Youth on March 30, and added that its first general meeting was held on May 13.

The member went on to say that the main purpose of ‘Minds’ was to operate within the legal framework to ensue the safety and security. It also aims to do research on security,  create public awareness, and provide support as experts in the field.

“In the future we will organize and host events.”

According to Minds, anyone who had previously been in either MNDF or Police can become a member of the organization. This opportunity is open to no matter how short a duration severed.