Dhiraagu aboard as a partner for ‘Little Big Festival’ in Kudafari

Children swim at N. Kudafari beach. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Hayyan)

Local telecom operator Dhiraagu has partnered with N. Kudafari Council for Little Big Festival – Kudafari 2023.

The festival, led by the council, slated for Saturday is for the commemoration of World Environment Day and World Oceans Day.

Dhiraagu states that the festival will bring together Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), businesses, and local members of the community where they will have the opportunity to showcase their work and share their stories.

A variety of stalls related to climate change, sustainable practices, and eco-friendly products as well as traditional Maldivian practices such as Dhivehi medicine, music, food and local crafts will be showcased as the festival.

Moreover, Dhiraagu’s brand ambassador Zoona Naseem (Zoonti) will be conducting guided snorkeling and diving sessions at the festival.

Dhiraagu’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Manager Bishaara Hameed said the company is “excited to support the island council of N. Kudafari for this colorful event, held to celebrate the World Environment and Ocean Days”.

Kudafari Council President Ali Shameem thanked Dhiraagu for their support for the festival.

“This event, organized along with our partners, will be a lively celebration of our local culture and heritage as well as one that raises awareness about the fragile ecosystems of our local islands,” he also said.


Dhiraagu states that caring for the environment and empowering communities are key focus areas of the company’s CSR program. They reiterated their commitment to supporting events such as this which aim to strengthen communities through recreation.