Fatal highway accident: Motorcyclist was driving on wrong lane

Man dies in an accident on Hulhumale’ Highway on May 27, 2023.

Maldives Police Service, on Sunday, said the man who was driving the motorbike in the fatal collision between a motorbike and a police pickup early Saturday morning, had been driving on the lane allocated on Hulhumale’ highway for four-wheeled vehicles.

The accident was reported to the police at 12:04am early Saturday morning. It resulted in one fatality; the man who was driving the motorbike.

Police, early Saturday morning, said the 43-year-old man who was driving the motorbike was already deceased when taken to the Tree Top Hospital.

Police, in a statement regarding the accident on Sunday night, said the accident occurred while the police pickup was towing a car that had broken down on the four-wheeled vehicle lane on Hulhumale’ highway from Male’ to Hulhumale’ side which was obstructing traffic. They further detailed that the motorbike, which was being driven at high speed, collided with the back of the police pickup which had stopped to tow the car.

Police added that the break light of the pickup had been turned on at the time of the collision to indicate the vehicle was not moving.

They were towing a car that had broken down at approximately 8:07pm on Friday night. Journalists from Sun who traveled the highway at the time saw traffic police officers signaling other vehicles over the stopped vehicle.