JP to present presidential ticket to Qasim on June 9th

Jumhoory Party's leader Qasim Ibrahim. (Sun Photo/Ahmed Awshan Ilyas)

Jumhoory Party (JP), on Thursday, said the party’s leader and presidential candidate Qasim Ibrahim, will officially be presented with the party’s presidential ticket on June 9th

A senior official from JP told Sun that the party was presently undertaking preparations for the event.

JP reported that the ceremony will be held in Carnival area.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih had extended an invitation to JP, included in the incumbent government coalition, to take on the presidential elections together.

However, JP decided to contest the election inexpediently. The party’s council endorsed Qasim as the party’s presidential candidate with a unanimous vote. He ran for the ticket unopposed.

Although JP decided to run independently, they still remain a part of the government coalition. Nevertheless, the party continues to participate in political activities initiated by other political parties that oppose the government and its policies.

JP has also been holding discussions with members of the ‘The Democrats’; the new political party spearheaded by MDP’s leader.

Moreover, the party has extended an invitation to form a coalition with them. However, JP states they will only be a part of a coalition led by the party.