Meraki launches first Maldivian coffee capsules, with free nationwide delivery via Moolee

Meraki Coffee Roasters has launched the first-ever Maldivian made coffee capsules.

 The compostable, specialty coffee capsules launched on Thursday offer a flavorfully smooth coffee experience at the push of a button. The low-cost capsules bring great coffee to homes and workplaces without any extra hassle.

The newly introduced coffee capsules are available on Ooredoo Maldives’ Moolee for free nationwide delivery.

According to Ooredoo, their rapidly growing e-commerce platform is dedicated to providing consumers a seamless digital shopping experience with services like online payments, free nationwide delivery, easy returns and genuine product availability for buyers to shop with confidence.

Ooredoo said it is also dedicated to facilitating small business owners and online retailers reach a bigger customer base and delivery services through Moolee.

The capsules are available in three flavor profiles, available year-round; a traditional chocolatey and nutty offering reminiscent of a classic espresso, a modern bright and citrusy capsule that is perfect for signature drinks and a unique sweet and fruity capsule.

In addition to this, Meraki will be offering seasonal launches of some unique specialty coffee capsules throughout the year.

The capsules are Nespresso compatible and can be used with Nespresso machines and other coffee machines that use Nespresso style capsules. However, to get the best out of the Meraki specialty coffee capsules, Morning coffee machines are the best.

The Morning coffee machine is designed for capsule format specialty coffee, including calibration features, in-built scale, and other app controls.

Meraki is the authorized distributor for Morning in Maldives. The machine is also available for purchase on Moolee.

The capsules introduce a new format at Meraki Coffee Roasters – a specialty coffee roaster offering some of the world’s best coffee.

However, it is not a departure from our ethos of sustainability, fair pricing, and traceability, said Meraki. “All coffees, whether whole-bean or capsules, offered by Meraki are traceable with fair pricing along the production chain.”