Young man on ventilator after accident in Hulhumale’ Phase II dies

Hulhumale' Phase II.

The young man who was put on ventilator support after sustaining critical injuries in an accident in Hulhumale’ Phase II last week has passed away.

The deceased has been identified as Ahmed Zain, a 20-year-old from HDh. Nellaidhoo.

Nellaidhoo Council confirmed to Sun that Zain passed away at approximately 9:25pm on Friday night.

The accident, which involved a collision between a pickup and a motorbike, took place on May 2nd at approximately 3:13pm.

Zain, who was driving the motorbike sustained critical injuries in the accident.

He was initially treated at the Hulhumale’ Hospital before getting transferred to the Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) in Male’ City where he was put on ventilator support.

Videos of the accident shared on social media show the young man sustained massive head injuries in the accident.

The accident is one of the many that have recently taken place in the greater Male’ area, especially Hulhumale’ Phase II. One of the accidents resulted in the death of a 59-year-old man back in April.