Nasheed requests to identify owner of ‘Hassan Kurusee’ twitter account

Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed. (Sun Photo)

Parliament Speaker, former president Mohamed Nasheed has filed a case with Maldives Police Service requesting to identify the individual running the twitter account, ‘Hassan Kurusee’.

‘Hassan Kurusee’ an account that has over 7,000 followers on twitter has been campaigning for the political movement, ‘Fikurugge Dhirun’, spearheaded by Nasheed. Tweets have also been made against individuals with political differences from the account using derogatory language.

Some has alleged that the account is run by Nasheed himself or one of his close acquaintances.

Nasheed, on Tuesday, publicized a letter sent to Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed regarding the matter on Monday.

His letter read stressed losses incurred due to allegations linking him to the account, thereby, appealing to identify the actual individual who is running the account.

Nasheed has previously denied he runs the ‘Hassan Kurusee’ account following some tweets made from the account.