Alidhuffarufinolhu and Olhufushi in high demand for resort development

Maldivian islands. (Photo/Visit Maldives)

Tourism Ministry reports huge demand for HA. Alidhuffarufinolhu and Th. Olhufushi – two islands opened for resort development earlier this year.

Tourism Ministry had invited interested parties to submit bids for development of 14 islands and lagoons as tourist resorts back in January. Ministry reports the highest demand has been for Alidhuffarufinolhu and Olhufushi.

Alidhuffarufinolhu received five bids, one of which was 535 percent higher than the minimum land acquisition cost, which is USD 350,000.

Meanwhile, Olhufushi received three bids, one of which was 114.2 percent higher than the minimum land acquisition cost of USD 700,000.

Many of the islands and lagoons opened for resort development in January are from Huvadhoo Atoll. The highest land acquisition cost was for a 10-hector plot from K. Kaashidhoo lagoon and two 10 hector plots from F. Nilandhoo lagoon – each for USD 2.25 million.