Mayor: People wish for swift completion of Fuvahmulah coastal project

Fuvahmulah City Mayor Ismail Rafeeq escorts President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on a tour of the city's beaches.

Fuvahmulah City’s mayor Ismail Rafeeq states that the coastal protection project in the city is going well, and they are fully confident the project will be complete within the scheduled period.

Beach erosion is a years-long issue which has been plaguing the city.

Sharing the latest updates, Ismail said the contractor is currently installing rock boulders and constructing the sea wall.

He said the residents of Fuvahmulah wish to have the project complete as soon as possible.

Ismail said the coastal protection structures are designed so people can still go swimming in some of the areas.

Fuvahmulah City's coastline.

“This is what the council and the residents want. It is the hope of the residents to have the project complete as soon as possible. But there were delays in starting the project due to various reasons. Delays in design work and such,” he said.

Ismail said that up to 60 feet of beach has eroded in some of the areas of Fuvahmulah, with bad weather and tidal swells leading to flooding.

“And in some areas, the fresh water is turning saline. We are at high risk of each erosion,” he said.

The coastal protection project was awarded to Danish company MT Hojgaard on December 12, 2021.

Planning Minister Mohamed Aslam (R) and the Dutch Ambassador to Maldives Tanja Gonggrijp (L) inaugurate a MVR 300 million coastal protection project in Fuvahmulah City on December 12, 2021. (Photo/Planning Ministry)

The project involves the construction of 2,650 meters of coastline protection walls from the north of Fuvahmulah harbor to the east of the island.

The project is financed with a grant from the Netherland’s government, a loan from Kuwait fund, and from the Maldivian government’s budget.

The project is valued at MVR 300 million.