HDC dismisses staff who took bribe in attempted sale of land

K. Thilafushi. (Photo/Google Maps)

Housing Development Corporation (HDC), on Thursday, announced the dismissal of the staff who had taken a bribe of over MVR 1 million during an attempted sale of a land plot from Thilafushi.

In an earlier statement announcing the suspension of the staff in question, HDC said they began their own probe of the case as soon as it had come to light.

In a new statement on Thursday, HDC said the staff was officially dismissed from their post yesterday.

The corporation said that investigations showed one of its staff had deceitfully conducted financial transactions with a customer, while monies obtained therein, had been deposited to the staff’s personal bank account.

HDC also stated that although rumors claimed the land plot in question had been sold – the staff in question did not have the authority to sell land under the corporation’s policies. On this note, HDC stressed that land plots will not be sold without opening for tender on the government gazette nor to any party that has not been registered via its bid portal.

Another case involving an HDC staff has also come to light this month. On March 17th, the corporation announced the dismissal of a staff for taking company money for personal use.