Motion calling Maria's dismissal for breaching security of motorcade dismissed

Defense Minister Mariya Ahmed Didi speaks at the opening ceremony of the ‘National Stakeholder Discussion on Integrated Border Management’ on November 23, 2022.

The emergency motion calling for the removal of Defense Minister Maria Ahmed Didi as the failure to ensure the safety and security of state officials is a serious issue has been rejected by the Parliament.

In the Parliament sitting today, an emergency motion was presented by PPM member and Faresmaathodaa MP Hussain Mohamed Latheef on the security breach of the President's motorcade yesterday.

He said that the President's motorcade suddenly entered the protesters with his car while the protesters were gathering in front of the party office.

He further said that it was unbelievable that a motorcade travelling with a President could enter a place where such a political activity was taking place by accident.

The President’s safety and security should be maintained by MNDF and the responsibility for that happening, should be taken directly by the Defense Minister, he said.

Earlier, the security of the Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Nasheed was also poorly maintained and a major incident occurred that could have caused deaths.  Latheef said the failure to ensure the safety and security of state officials is a serious issue and it should be investigated.

The emergency motion was dropped after a majority of 17 members voted against it. Only six members voted to accept the motion.


The protesters obstructed the President's motorcade as he was returning from the International Women's Day ceremony and four people were arrested following the incident.