Family Court announces marriage officiating hours for Ramadan

A wedding on 22.02.22. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Hayyan)

The family court has announced its office hours for officiating marriages during the month of Ramadan.

In an announcement made by the court, marriage hours for Ramadan, as well as the first seven days of Shavval were reveled. 

Officiating hours in court:

  • Official hours / morning: 0930 to 1230
  • Unofficial / night: 2130 to 2300

Officiating hours outside of court:

  • Night: 2130 to 2300

In addition to this, the court will also be conducting its pre-marriage guidance programs during Ramadan as well. 

These will be held on Sunday’s and Wednesdays from 2130 to 2300, and will be held virtually. 

Speaking with Sun, media official for the Family Court said that although evening hours were allocated normally, those were reduced for Ramadan to provide ease for employees.

All government offices as well as most public places bring major changes to its working hours for Ramadan.