SSNET opens subscription to packages for customers

Newly licensed cable TV operator, SSNET, to opens subscription to packages for customers.

Newly introduced cable TV service, SSNET, has opened the opportunity for its customers to subscribe to their preferred packages.

SSNET service will be free till February 28th, Tuesday.

Mariyam Naufa, Sales and Marketing Executive at SSNET, said that customers can subscribe to any package by clicking the link on the SMS sent to them which will take them to SSNET’s Customer Portal.

“Registered SSNET customers can enter their ID card number after accessing the portal, upon which an OTP will be sent to their registered phone numbers. The OTP can be used to sign in to the portal. They can choose their preferred package and the payment period – which will then take them to BML’s payment gateway. Upon completion of the payment process, they will be issued a payment receipt. An SMS would also be sent to customer’s registered phone number confirming the payment. The chosen SSNET package will be activated from that point,” she detailed.

Naufa said that SSNET’s customers will only have access to service in March upon subscription to a package. The newly introduced packages, as stated by SSNET, is the lowest prices in cable TV services in the Maldives.

Newly licensed cable TV operator, SSNET, announces packages.

SSNET’s Packages

  • Luivi – 39 channels for MVR 150 per month (Not including GST)
  • Nalavi – 108 channels for MVR 350 per month (Not including GST)
  • Ekuvi – 120 channels for MVR 450 per month (Not including GST)

“Further channels will be added to these packages in the future,” Naufa added.

She said that the minimum timeframe for a subscription to a package is one month. Customers who wish to subscribe for longer periods will have the option to make payment for one year as well.

SSNET customers who have not received the SMS can access the customer portal through this link and complete their subscription.