Hoarafushi airport temporarily suspends operations

Hoarafushi Airport. (Photo/MTCC)

HA. Hoarafushi has temporarily suspended operations following a technical issue.

Reportedly, the airport suspended operations as the fire vehicle broke down.

Speaking to “Sun” regarding this the Managing Director of the regional airport that runs Hoarafushi Airport, Mohamed Rizwy, confirmed this .

He further said that they are now doing inspections in order to fix the issue.

“We have started the inspection process. We are trying to fix the technical issue and restart the operations. We can’t give a specific date as of now,” he said.

As the Hoarafushi airport have suspended operations, all flights scheduled to land there are diverted to HDh. Hanimaadhoo airport. 

Hoarafushi airport was temporarily closed previouslu due to bad weather and flooding on the runway.