FM Shahid: Maldivians’ nationalism built upon sacrifice of martyrs

Foreign Minister Abdulla Shahid speaks at the Martyrs' Day function held at the B. Thulhaadhoo School on February 21, 2023.

The nationalism of the Maldivian people is built upon the sacrifice of the fighters and martyrs who spilled their blood on this proud land, states Foreign Minister Abdulla Shahid.

He made the remark during a ceremony held at the B. Thulhaadhoo School on Tuesday night to mark Martyrs’ Day.

Speaking at the ceremony, Shahid said that the nationalism and resoluteness of the Maldivian people remain unwavering.

“The hope each and every one of us hold for a better future for Maldives remains unwavering,” he said.

Shahid said the Maldivian people had faced all dangers and challenges with courage.

He said that the hard work of soldiers in protecting the Maldivian people deserved recognition as the country marks Martyrs’ Day.

B. Thulhaadhoo School students commemorate Martyrs' Day on February 21, 2023.

“The men and women in our defense force are ready to fight for the sake of our people and our religion, using their chest as shields,” he said.

Shahid said that the Maldivian people must always remember the sacrifice of martyrs and deliver their stories to the future generations.

At Tuesday’s ceremony, Thulhaadhoo School’s students presented a play on the martyrdom of Ali Rasgefaanu and screened a presentation on the martyrdom of Martyr Corporal Hussain Adam.