Chief Justice: Judiciary headed towards revolutionary systematic changes

Chief Justice Ahmed Muthasim Adnan speaks at function held to commemorate the opening of the judicial new year 2023 on February 9, 2023. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Shaathiu)

Chief Justice Ahmed Muthasim Adnan has remarked that the judiciary is headed towards revolutionary system changes in the prevailing year.

Speaking at the function held on Thursday night to commemorate the opening of the judicial new year 2023 – Chief Justice Muthasim underscored the presidential address’ mention that amendments to reform the composition of Judicial Service Commission (JSC) would be submitted to the Parliament.

He congratulated and thanked the president for the same.

Noting that every reformative change required foundations – he detailed that such foundations are most clearly explained in the order by Sultan Mohamed Shamsuddin in 1932 to draw up the first constitution.

Speaking further, Chief Justice Muthasim highlighted the revolutionary changes brought to civil proceedings last year with the enactment of the Civil Procedure Act including in the submission of civil suits and judgments delivered in civil cases.

He also highlighted that the Judicial Academy carried out a multitude of training programs for capacity building among judges.

On this note, he stressed the importance of ensuring judges are accustomed to the ever-changing laws. He added that the purpose of a legal system can only be achieved by individuals appointed to enforce the law standing on par with the constant changes.

At Thursday’s function, 17 judges who honorably retired were recognized for their service. The function also saw the presentation of plaques to long-serving members of the judiciary.