JSC dismisses disciplinary case filed against Guraidhoo Chief Magistrate

K. Guraidhoo Chief Magistrate Fathuhulla Jameel Moosa.

Judicial Service Commission (JSC) has dismissed the disciplinary case filed against K. Guraidhoo Chief Magistrate Fathuhulla Jameel Moosa over misconduct.

The disciplinary case was filed alleging Magistrate Fathuhulla violated the Criminal Procedure Act.

Commenting on their decision to dismiss the case, JSC, on Tuesday said that Judge Fathuhulla’s decision to not fast-track a case in which the defendant had pleaded guilty cannot be considered a violation of the law.

JSC reported that they concluded there to be no further reasons to investigate the case on January 29th.

Three cases pertaining to misconduct by the judges were submitted to JSC in the course of January, while four were submitted last December.

Upon completion of their investigations, JSC takes necessary action against such judges such as cautioning them or mandating further training.