MFDA orders recall of batch of Antidep tablets

A pharmacist fills out a prescription at a pharmacy in Maldives. (File Photo/Sun)

Maldives Food and Drug Authority (MFDA) has ordered the recall of a batch of Antidep 25 mg tablets.

In a statement Sunday, MFDA said that clinical investigations uncovered active ingredients in batch no. 2141H003 of Antidep 25 mg tablets were lower than they should be.

  • Generic name: Imipramine hydrochloride
  • Brand, dosage form, strength: (Antidep 25 mg) film coated tablet
  • Manufacturer/ country of origin: Torrent Pharmaceuticals. Ltd., India
  • Batch no: 2141H003
  • Expiry date: July 2025

According to MFDA, the finding was made as part of an investigation launched by the authority to ascertain the safety and quality of pharmaceuticals imported to Maldives.

MFDA has prohibited the import, sale and consumption of the batch.

The authority is also recalling tablets already in the market.

Those using the medicine have been asked to call MFDA’s hotline 7200321 to share information.