Adhurey: Yameen’s name will be on ballot paper

President of PNC Abdul Raheem Abdulla speaking at the opposition coalition’s gathering. (Sun photo / Mohamed Shathiu)

The President of People National Congress (PNC) Abdul Raheem Abdulla said that former president Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom’s name will be on the ballot paper for the upcoming presidential elections.

Speaking at a gathering held dubbed “Dhuppaan”, the temporary leader of the opposition coalition said that if a fair election is held, it is a sure win for PPM. 

Responding to criticism from some of the parties in the governing coalition on granting the party ticket to Yameen, Abdul Raheem said that for them  he was the only choice. 

“God willing, this year, president Yameen’s name will be on the ballot paper for the presidential election.”

Further reiterating that no one else will be contesting the elections with the oppositions ticket, Abdual Raheem said that the leadership of PPM and PNC were fully committed to freeing Yameen. 

Additionally, he said that although Yameen was jailed, his voice and vision cannot be drowned. Nor can anyone beat his “army”.