Education Ministry probes Rasmaadhoo School principal’s failure to report to work after leave

A group of students from Rasmaadhoo School. (Photo/Ramaadhoo School)

Teachers and parents of R. Rasmaadhoo School have expressed concern over the school’s Principal Ziyadh Rashad’s failure to report to work after leave – subsequent to which his post remains vacant.

Rashad’s absence has mounted up to four months at present. The lack of a principal at Rasmaadhoo is the most pressing concern for the teachers and parents of the school.

A senior official from the school who spoke to Sun said that Rashad was appointed to the post during last year’s June. Despite this, the official said Rashad failed to produce any results in managing the school.

“He has disappeared after taking off for leave. No news from him. When the school contacted him, he said to mark him absent. Even now, he has not resigned from his post,” the official detailed.

Parents have planned to stage a demonstration by not sending their children to school if there are delays in the official appointment of a new principal.

The senior official said that Rashad was next seen heading political activities after his disappearance from the school.

Speaking to Sun regarding the matter, Education Ministry’s Permanent Secretary Ahmed Ali confirmed the situation has been brought to the attention of the ministry.

He noted that following the principal’s failure to report to work – efforts were now underway to dismiss him from the post in accordance with the civil service regulation.

Ahmed Ali said a senior official from the school has been appointed to temporarily manage the school.

“Till a new principal is appointed to the school in accordance with the stipulated process, the management of the school has been handed over to an individual as per Education Ministry’s policies,” he said.

Ahmed Ali said that an official appointment can only be made to the post after it becomes vacant following the dismissal of the existing principal.

He also noted that the Education Ministry had not been officially notified of Rashad’s involvement in political activities – whereas the ministry would launch an investigation and take relevant action should an official complaint be submitted.