EC seeks over 200 temp workers for 2023 presidential election

Elections Commission (EC) has opened applications for over 200 jobs for the presidential election scheduled for September.

EC is seeking total 265 people for election-related work.

The posts include:

  • 203 officers
  • 39 senior officers
  • Eight managers
  • One senior officer (media)
  • Three tech officers
  • Three graphic designers
  • Two assistant master trainers
  • Six custodial workers

Candidates who play leading roles in political party activities are not eligible for the posts. Candidates who are registered to political parties must also leave their parties if selected.

EC is offering a salary of MVR 10,000 for officers and MVR 12,000 for senior officers. They will also receive OT.

The applications deadline is set to April 30.

EC states that eligible candidates will be interviewed every 15 days.

EC’s vice chairman Ismail Habeeb said applications for the temp jobs were opened in batches.

“We have now opened applications for 265 jobs. We are opening applications for just enough jobs for us to operate. And also because we don’t have enough space to accommodate them,” he said.

Habeeb said that some of the jobs are 15-day contracts, and some one-month, three-month and six-month contracts.

EC said that hiring electoral officials for the presidential election costs more than hiring temp jobs.