Search underway for missing Maldivian man in India

Mohamed Mahdhy, 35, K. Thulusdhoo, who has been reported missing in Cochin, India.

A search has commenced for a Maldivian man who went missing in India’s Cochin.

The missing man has been identified as Mohamed Mahdhy, 35, K. Thulusdhoo. He was reportedly in India for medical purposes.

Speaking to Sun, Mahdhy’s sister Aminath Arshee said that he went missing at approximately 9:00am this morning after a doctor’s consultation at Amrita Hospital.

“My little brother has a severe case of bipolar disorder. He is very violent presently. At today’s doctor’s consultation, he became violent beyond control and walked out of the hospital. Followed him outside, but lost him at some point. Search efforts for him commenced immediately after that,” she detailed.

Arshee said that the family reported him missing to Cochin police approximately one hour later, following which a search operation kicked off. She said the matter has been notified to the relevant Maldivian government authorities. Subsequently, local authorities are coordinating with the Embassy of Maldives in India regarding the search efforts, she said. 

Arshee noted that Mahdhy has been under treatment for four years – while they traveled to India for treatment yesterday, funded by Aasandha.