SSNET seeks Broadcom’s approval for over 100 channels

Newly licensed cable TV operator, SSNET, to provide its services free of charge for all customers for the month of February.

SSNET, new cable TV service prepping to provide nationwide service in Maldives, has summited to Broadcasting Commission of Maldives seeking approval for over 100 channels.

According to SSNET, the legal work needed to be done in order  to gain approval for the channels commenced on January 15. 

Speaking about this, SSNET’s Chief Operating Officer Mohamed Asif (Mondhu) revealed that so far, out of the submitted channels, Broadcom has given approval for 48 of them. 

He went on to state that this includes local channels, as well as popular ones among Maldivians such as Sony channels, Zee channels, Cinemachi channels, B4U, Stingray Love Nature 4k, Outdoor and Zoom. 

They are waiting on approval for an additional 71 channels, according to SSNET. 

News channels from SSNET include CNN, BBC, SkyNews, Al Jazeera, France 24, RT and ABC Australia.

Some of the business news channels include Bloomberg, CNBC. Children’s channels range from Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Cartoon channel. 

Moreover, there are other well known channels among Maldivians such as Al Quran and other Saudi channels, Star Channels, Discovery channels, Cinema World, Comedy Central, Colors channels and MTV.

“I really hope by the time SSNET launches at midnight tonight, Broadcom will grant approval for all the channels. Till now, the commission has worked to ease things for rebroadcasters. While DhiraaguTV services will come to a halt at 0000 tonight, SSNET services will commence via the same network. Already thousands of DhiraaguTV customers have migrated to SSNET.”

Should the commission grant approval to all the submitted channels, SSNET customers will get a total of 119 channels. These will be free of charge for the duration of February.

SSNET will be launching with focus on DhiraaguTV customers – to facilitate a smooth transition between both service providers.

DhiraaguTV customers switching to SSNET will not be charged any additional fees while they can continue to use their set-top box. 

Subsequent to Broadcoms rejection of Dhiraagu TV's application to renew its rebroadcasting license, discussions were held with SSNET, and a decision was made to provide its IPTV/OTT network to SS Network as a service.

SSNET’s service will be available to all islands that DhiraaguTV provides coverage to