Alamgiri case: Arrestee files defamation lawsuit against Police

Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Hayyan)

An individual who was arrested in connection to the case of blackmail using explicit videos of men engaging in sexual activities with 26-year old Bangladeshi national MD Alamgiri.

Maldivian lawyer Maumoom Moosa (Seastar / Sh. Funadhoo) has lodged a case at the Civil Court seeking MVR 238،777،416 million as compensation from Police. 

At the time, his personal information along with a photograph was publicized, and even received a 10 day remand. He was released afterwards. 

Despite being sent to duty prosecution, the case did not move forward as there was not enough evidence to do so. 

Hence, Maumoon had earlier sent a letter to the Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed requesting to remove his personal details and photos from websites and social media pages of Police. 

According to him, being slandered with e rumors has changed the way people think of him, and has also had an impact on his personal business. 

In the case filed, he has asked the publicizing of his personal information as a defamatory action by Police, and seeks an apology along with the financial compensation. 

Speaking with local media, Maumoon said  his decision to file the case comes after having not received any responses to letters sent to Police, and them having not taken down his photo and details.