MFDA warns against selling children’s food without registration

A small child being fed. (Photo / Google)

Maldives Food and Drug Authority (MFDA) issues a warning against those selling food and drinks for children without proper registration. 

In an announcement issued by MFDA on Thursday, it was said that the names of those who sell food items for children against set guidelines will be publicized. 

It states that dairy products for children under three years, and food items specialized for children under a year must be sold after registering at MFDA. 

Additionally, it has come to their attention that recently items that need registration were being sold on various social media platforms.

MFDA provided a period of one month for those who make or bring and sell such food items on social media.

The deadline for registration expires on February 28, and MFDA warned that the names of those who do not register within that period will be publicized.

Moreover, the authority said that without registration, it would be difficult to maintain standards for food, and will not be able to ensure quality.