Medica Hospital in preparations to expand services to 24 hours

Medica Hospital. (Sun Photo)

Medica Hospital’s management, on Wednesday, revealed that the hospital was in preparations to expand its service to 24 hours.

The hospital’s manager Abdulla Shahid told Sun that several initiatives were underway to bring managerial changes to the hospital to further enhance its operations.

“We are working extremely hard towards expanding Medica’s services to 24 hours. We are working, focused on that. Hopefully, this could be achieved at the earliest,” he said.

Shahid also said that a priority is allocated to providing quality services at a cheaper price.

 “Accordingly, decreasing prices have been included among new initiatives. The prices of laboratory services have already been significantly slashed as part of the initiative,” he noted.

Media Hospital provides all services excluding the service of a neurology department.

Medica Hospital. (Sun Photo)

The hospital also has an operation theatre where major surgeries are carried out.

Additionally, they provide instant laboratory, x-ray, ultrasound and scanning services – eliminating long queues for patients.

The hospital also has private rooms and wards, and boasts an in-house pharmacy.

Medica Hospital, operated by Damas, opened on January 17, 2013, as the fifth hospital in Male’ City. The hospital marked its 10th anniversary yesterday.

Shahid thanked Medica’s patients, doctors, nurses and staff on the occasion. He described the hospital's patients as their foremost priority, who the hospital views as part of it.