Civil Court closes over 2000 cases in 2022

The Justice Building located in the capital Male'. The building is home to the Civil Court of Maldives. (Sun File Photo/Ihthishaam Mohamed)

Statistics revealed that the Civil Court closed 2,917 cases in 2022.

According to the numbers publicized by the court, by the end of 2021, there were 2,740 pending cases. In 2022, a total of 5,050 cases were added to this. 

Although numerous cases were closed last year, there are still 4,873 cases pending. By new year, there are 977 cases that had been pending for a year. 

In addition to this, the Civil Court issued 21,399 court orders in 2022. The court also accepted over MVR 94 million and USD 8 million in payments. 

However, of this, only MVR 189,516.81 was generated for the court as revenue. 

According to the court, 2022 was a year many changes were brought to the operations of the court. 

With this, the court aims to increase the speed and strengthen the functions.