Land issued from Hanimaadhoo after 12 years

HDh. Hanimaadhoo. (File Photo)

A total of 200 land plots have been issued from Hdh. Hanimaadhoo after 12 years.

The Hanimaadhoo council announced application for the land plots during last year.

Speaking about this with Sun on Wednesday, President of Hanimaadhoo Council Abdul Sattar Hassan reveled that during the application period, they received over 500 forms, and from this 200 were given land. 

He went on to say that more land will be issued, based on the needs of Hanimaadhoo people. 

Additionally, he noted that this time around only those registered to the island were given land as there are people from the island who are currently living on rent. 

Sattar further said that as there were people from other islands interested in living in Hanimaadhoo, they were deliberating on issuing land to such individuals as well. But he acknowledged that this may cause difficulties in land availability. 

In addition to people from Hanimaadhoo, there are people from Hdh. Kondaidhoo, Ha. Hathifushi, Aa. Feridhoo and Lh. Maalifushi who migrated living there. 

While the entire population of Hanimaadhoo is over 3000, only 2386 people are registered to the island.