President to deliver annual address on February 6

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih delivers his annual address to the Parliament on February 3, 2020. (Photo/People's Majlis)

Maldivian President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih will deliver his annual address on February 6, according to the Parliament.

Article 84 of the Constitution states the President must deliver his annual presidential address at the inaugural sitting of the Parliament each year, in which he will brief the Parliament on the current status of Maldives, including its achievements and challenges, and his plans for the future of the country.

Parliament’s Communications Director Hassan Ziyau told Sun on Monday morning that the Parliament will hold its inaugural sitting of the year on February 6. The sitting will begin at 09:00 am, and will conclude after the President delivers his annual address.

Parliament concluded its sittings and went into recess on November 28.

According to parliamentary regulations, the first session of the year will begin on the first week of February and close in the end of April.

The Parliament saw heated exchanges between MPs of different political affiliations last year. The Parliament concluded the last session after completing 54.7 percent of tasks.

Some of the key legislature passed last year includes the tax hike bill and the evidence bill.

The day the President delivers his annual address is observed as a public holiday in Maldives.