Hulhmale’ Hospital opening clinic in phase II

Hiyaa Flats developed in Hulhumale' Phase II. (Sun File Photo)

Hulhumale’ Hospital is set to open a clinic in Hulhumale’ Phase II.

According to the hospital, the clinic was located in the H-16 tower and will begin consultations from Sunday, December 15 onwards

Consultations can be done every day except Friday, from morning 1000hrs till 1700hrs.

 Additionally, Hulhumale’ Hospital noted that initially, only general consultations will be available from the clinic. However, arrangements have been made for those who want to make appointments with specialists to do so.

Apart from consultations, the clinic will also offer laboratory services and would also have a pharmacy. More services such as a public health unit are planned for the future as well, revealed Hulhumale Hospital.

According to the hospital, with the increase in the population living in the second phase. They added that the number has greatly increased over the past two weeks.

Hence, Hulhumale Hospital expressed hope that the opening of this clinic will provide some ease to the issues.

Since people started living in the Hiyaa units, the lack of proper health care in close proximity has been a great concern for the people. The clinic will ease this worry, and be an added incentive for the residents of Hiyaa.