242 people reintegrated back to society after drug rehabilitation last year

National Drug Agency (NDA) headquarters. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

National Drug Agency (NDA) has stated that 242 people were reintegrated back to society after completing of drug rehabilitation programs in the course of last year.

Statistics publicized by NDA show that 1,017 people underwent drug rehabilitation last year, while 775 people are undergoing drug rehabilitation at present.

Number of people by rehabilitation centres;

  • Male’ Community Service Centre – 317 people
  • K. Himmafushi Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre – 146 people
  • Hulhumale’ Halfway House – 143 people
  • S. Hithadhoo Drug and Detoxification Centre – 11 people
  • Gagan Clinic: 89 people
  • Gn. Fuvahmulah Drug Detoxification and Community Centre – 55 people
  • S. Hulhudhoo Vilunu Centre – 36 people
  • K. Gulhi Central Detoxification Centre – 16 people
  • Hulhumale’ Halfway House Rehabilitation Centre – 7 people
  • Hulhumale’ Semi-Residential Halfway House – 6 people
  • GA. Villingili Dhagenaa Community Rehabilitation Centre – 19 people
  • Children’s Community Rehabilitation Service – 3 children

Many people who require rehabilitation wait in a long queue as the centres are filled to capacity.

NDA’s CEO Imad Solih told Sun that centres will begin taking on clients to full capacity starting this January after addressing issues faced in each centre respectively.

He also underscored that any individual will have the opportunity to enroll in programs offered at the centres without a criminal record hereafter.