Nishama’s body brought back to Maldives after postmortem

Nishama Mohamed, 28, who was found dead under suspicious circumstances.

The body of Nishama Mohamed - who was found dead in HDh. Nolhivaram under suspicious circumstances has been returned to Maldives after the completion of postmortem.

Sun has come to know that her body has now been taken to Aasaharaa in Male’ City.

Nishama was taken to Nolhivaram Health Centre at approximately 14:14 pm on December 10th after being discovered dead in her room, at her home.

Maldives Police Services confirmed that her body was sent to India for the procedure on Wednesday, December 21. This was ten days after the incident.

Many have expressed concern over the delays in sending the body for postmortem. Nishama’s family has previous stated that they do not wish to conduct the postmortem.

Her husband, Aboobakuru Faisal, Rosy Villa, ADh. Fenfushi, was arrested under a court order in connection to her death.

He was found hanging in a holding cell at the Kulhudhuffushi Police Station at approximately 11:15 pm on December 12th. He was brought to Kulhudhuffushi Regional Hospital at approximately 11:40 pm that night. A reliable source confirmed to Sun that Faisal’s heart was not beating when he was brought to the hospital.

Faisal passed away on the morning of Monday, December 19,  after he ceased to have any brain function as a result of which doctors had already lost hope in his recovery.

Police have assured that the investigation into Nishama’s death will proceed despite Faisal’s death.

With Faisal’s death posing further challenges to uncovering the truth behind Nishama’s death – her family stated there was no other course of action apart from conducting the postmortem for answers, therewith, expressing willingness to cooperate with police for the purpose.

Nishama is survived by three young children; a seven-year-old, a four-year-old and a two-year-old.