MIRA creating awareness on changes to GST

Maldives Inland Revenue Authority (MIRA). (File Photo/Sun)

Maldives Inland Revenue Authority (MIRA) has made the decision to travel to even more islands as part of their work to spread awareness on the changes to the rates of GST that will come into effect from January onwards.

Speaking with Sun, the Commissioner General of Taxation Fathuhulla Jameel on Monday said that much work was being done to bring awareness to the changes to GST rates.

He noted that they were visiting individual shops, as well as travelling to different islands to conduct awareness sessions for businesses.

Additionally, Fathuhulla said that within this week, there were plans to visit five islands – Ga. Meemendhoo, F.Bilehfahi, Adh Dhangethi, N. Velidhoo and M. Mulah.

During their travels, last week employees from MIRA went to HA. Ihavndhoo, Hdh. Hanimaadhoo, Sh. Milandhoo, Lh. Hinnavaru, Gdh. Hoadehdhoo and L.Isdhoo/Kalaidhoo to conduct the sessions.

In addition to this, MIRA urged businesses to plan ahead in bringing the necessary changes to systems ahead of the new GST rates coming into effect.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih ratified the tax bill in November, and so, from January onwards, it will be coming into effect. With the new changes, tourism establishments will then be changed by 16 percent instead of the previous 12 percent.

Furthermore, the new changes will increase GST from six percent to eight percent.