Advertorial: How to prevent men’s diseases?

Tree Top Hospital's Well Male Package: A health screening package uniquely designed for men to help detect the most common illnesses among males. (Photo/Tree Top Hospital)

Many people believe that health is one of the most precious treasures. A healthy body gives you the strength and energy that help you to achieve better results in every aspect of your life. Non-communicable diseases or lifestyle-related diseases are on the rise in the Maldives. These diseases are caused by unhealthy lifestyle habits such as lack of exercise, not eating a well-balanced diet, along with the consumption of sugary drinks and tobacco which can lead to various diseases

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the life expectancy for men is estimated to be shorter. Life expectancy for men was 79 years and for women 85.7 years. There is a 6.7 years difference.

The reason for the shortening of men’s lives is the increased risk of non-communicable diseases, according to health experts and reports from relevant agencies. Common diseases in men in Maldives include type-2 diabetes, high blood pressure and fatty liver syndrome, and urinary tract and prostate diseases

In order to avoid such diseases, it is pertinent to exercise regularly, include healthy food items in your meals and adopt regular preventive health screening.

Regular preventive health screening is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. The benefits of health screening range from the early detection of potential health problems, to professional guidance on how to lead a healthy lifestyle. Proactively identifying and regularly going for health checkups will allow for prompt treatment, which can reduce complications of conditions that affect the quality of life. Health screening can prevent costly medical procedures by diagnosing and treating a condition in its early stages.

That is why preventative health screening is important because early detection of life-threatening health conditions or diseases will facilitate treatment. Regular monitoring of pre-existing leads to immediate measures to reduce their severity. Preemptive health screening also enables people to build a healthy lifestyle, encouraging them to eat well, exercise regularly and avoid habits that can harm their health

Our Well Male health screening package is a unique package designed specifically for Males. The package provides our Guests with comprehensive tests which are necessary to detect the most common illnesses among men. Our highly trained doctors also provide professional guidance on controlling and leading a healthy lifestyle.

The Tree Top Hospital Well Male Package will consist of a basic clinical examination, radiology investigations, and 20 Laboratory Investigations, OPD consultation with a Medical doctor and Clinical Dietitian.

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