Dhiraagu, Hope for Women holds gender advocacy training workshop

Gender advocacy training workshop conducted by Dhiraagu and Hope of Women. (Photo/Dhiraagu)

Dhiraagu and Hope for Women has conducted a gender advocacy training workshop as part of ‘#16DaysOfActivism’ campaign to end violence against women.

The workshop was mainly targeted towards representatives from CSOs, SOEs, and individuals working to advance gender action.

Dhiraagu detailed the main objective of the workshop as to focus on the issues surrounding different kinds of violence against women and collaborate to unpack the various forms of gender-based violence in society. Participants were also briefed on gender concepts, gender mainstreaming, current legislations in place and the effective methods of advocacy to understand the drivers and existing challenges on how to build awareness and move forward on a national level.

Dhiraagu’s Corporate Social Responsibility Manager Bishaara Hameed said that they are delighted to partner with Hope for Women to support for the workshop.

“We are glad to see representatives from various backgrounds join us with the common objective to focus on gender action,” she added.

Chairperson of Hope for Women Ahmed Anwar extended gratitude to Dhiraagu for partnering with the organization to conduct the workshop.

“Especially in light of the #16DaysOfActivism campaign to end violence against women, we believe that it is crucial for employees of offices and institutions, as well as the public to be more aware about gender-based issues in our society and advocate to solve them,” he added.

Established in 2010, Hope for Women is an NGO advocating to end all forms of violence against women, promote gender equality and women’s participation in public life. The workshop was facilitated by Hope Institute for Research and Training, which focuses on critical issues related to gender and human rights and on creating more opportunities for the public, particularly women to further enhance their education and skills.

Dhiraagu reiterated its support to initiatives to inspire and empower women as part of the company’s community-focused Corporate Social Responsibility program. As part of Women’s Day earlier this year, the company communicated its renewed efforts on gender action, focusing on equal opportunities, enhancing the work environment, and empowering women in technical fields.