Shiaau’s murder: PG Office to make a decision on pressing charges this month

Ali Shaahil, 22, Finfenmaage, F. Nilandhoo who was arrested in connection to the brutal murder of a woman at H. Sheereen Villa in Male' City on August 7, 2022.

Prosecutor General’s Office (PG Office), on Wednesday, has stated that they will make a decision on pressing charges against the man arrested in connection to the brutal murder in an apartment in Male’ City in early August.

Shiaau Mohamed Saeed, 22, a local musician, was found murdered in an apartment on the ninth floor of H. Sheereen Villa on August 6.

Police arrested Ali Shaahil, 22, a local skater, from the scene of the crime.

Whilst Shaahil has been remanded in police custody pending the outcome of his trial – the police do not suspect the involvement of an additional person in the murder. Despite this, months have passed without charges against Shaahil.

Public prosecutor, and PG Office’s Spokesperson Ahmed Shafeeu told Sun on Wednesday that the office would make a decision on pressing charges before the end of this month.

Over four months have passed since Shiaau’s murder. PG Office has been extending the investigation timeframe granted to police to complete the investigation by every 15 days during these four months.

Police at first said that investigation was prolonged over their failure to establish a motive for the murder.

During a press conference later in October, Police attributed the delays to lack of cooperation from Shaahil. They added that though Shaahil continued to be uncooperative, investigators had unlocked his mobile phone. Police also emphasized that the investigation had uncovered enough evidence to prove Shaahil killed Shiaau.

Police said that the investigators have “high hopes” they will find enough evidence on the phone to identify the motive.

Noting that investigators were pursuing several possible motives – Police stressed that the case would not be sent to prosecution based on assumptions.

Shiaau’s murder marks the most brutal murder in recent Maldivian history. In this regard, the autopsy showed Shiaau’s body had sustained significant injuries even after she was killed.