Al Shaali Marine leads Maldives Boating Awards

From the Maldives Boating Awards ceremony. (Sun photo / Mohamed Naail Hussain)

Al Shaali Marine lead Maldives Boating Awards, taking home the highest number of awards.

The award ceremony was held on Monday night at Dharubaaruge.

Al Shaali Marine scored a total of four awards:

- Best Fiber Vessel: Keneree 28 (Between 05 – 15 meters)

- Best Fiber Vessel: Train 38 (Between 10 – 15 meters)

- Best Fiber Vessel: AS Cat 55 (Between 15 – 45 meters)

Some of the other notable awards given include best insurance Company, won by Allied Insurance, most well-crafted safari vessel won by Searex by Tropical Advance Maldives, best fishing safari won by Noorani 2, best safari Seafarer by Voyagers and best dive safari taken up by Sachika by Sachika Maldives.

Meanwhile, the best yacht operator is Maldives Holiday Collection, the best tourist transfer services went to Jalboot Maldives and the best local ferry service was won by Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC).

Looking at the outstanding award from boating, MTCC led the tributes from this segment. The company took home the best captain, engineering, and crew member.

In addition, the award ceremony also noted and celebrated the achievements of the safari industry in Maldives. This award was presented to those who dedicated over 10 years of service to the industry.

All in all, 28 awards were given to safaris and 32 individuals.

During the ceremony, speaking on behalf of the judging panel, Captain Adil Rasheed said that Maldives needs to give more priority to the safari industry and bring out more locals, as well as give better incentives to them.

“Giving regular training to those in the safari industry, things related to welfare need to improve. A better pay needs to be given to them.”

This year’s boating awards were held after a COVID-19-related two-year hiatus. The first-ever boating awards in Maldives were held in 2014, and have been held six times since.