Villa College to offer programmes from Taylor’s University

Lunching of a new partnership between Villa College and Malaysia’s Taylor’s University on Wednesday. (Sun photo / Hussain Naail)

Villa College and Malaysia’s Taylor’s University on Wednesday officially announced a new partnership to offer the latter courses in Maldives.

The announcement was made during a special ceremony held at Villa College, where the Minister of National Planning, Housing, and Infrastructure Mohamed Aslam attended as the chief guest.

During this ceremony, a memento was exchanged between Villa College and Taylor’s University. Rector of Villa College Dr Ahmed Anwar, and Professor Michael Driscoll, Vice-Chancellor and President of Taylor’s University made.

The five programmes from Taylor’s to be offered in Villa are;

-        Bachelor of Mass Communication

-        Masters in Communication

-         Bachelor of International Hospitality Management

-        Masters in International Hospitality

-        Bachelor of International Culinary Management

Speaking at the ceremony, the chief guest Minister Aslam noted that not too long ago there were no opportunities to attain higher education in Maldives, and the only option for people was to go abroad with a government scholarship.

He went on to note that the times have now changed, and the opportunities are available to study programmes at different international universities while staying in Maldives.

Moreover, he added that going abroad to study was also easily accessible to people now.

“The government gives special priority to higher education. While an Education Ministry already existed, a separate ministry (for higher education) was created because of the importance given to this.”

Furthermore, he noted that the decision to introduce programmes from Taylor’s University was important, particularly for the tourism industry of Maldives.

“Most of those working in the Maldivian tourism industry are expatriates. This is a major concern for us. [I believe] Hospitality programs from international universities beginning in Maldives will be a solution for this.”

Also addressing the gathering, Professor Driscoll said that a close connection has developed between Villa College and Taylor’s University over the past years. He added that students from Villa have taken hospitality programmes with their university during the past 15 years.

Additionally, he said that many from Taylor’s University have visited Villa College and that this too, was a testimonial to the close relationship between both universities.

The Vice Rector of Villa College Dr Ali Najeeb who spoke from the college said that with the programs from Taylor’s University, much progress will be attained by the education sector of the country and that this was due to the hospitality programmes being notable even at international standards.

Dr Najeeb also said that in the future, more programmes will of the university will be offered at Villa College.