Summer Blue Ibrahim Manik’s absentee funeral prayer to be held after Isha prayer

Summer Blue Ibrahim Manik (Samarey) gives exclusive interview to Sun. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Asif)

The absentee funeral prayer of former Information Minister, Summer Blue Ibrahim Manik (Samarey) who was recently bestowed Broadcasting Lifetime Achievement Award that passed away this morning will be held tonight.

Ibrahim Manik passed away on Wednesday morning, at the age of 72, whilst being treated at a hospital in Bangalore, India. He had been ill for a long time prior to this.

An absentee funeral prayer will be at Islamic Centre after Isha prayer.

Meanwhile, his funeral was in India, earlier this evening.

Ibrahim Manik’s family requests the attendance of as many people as possible for the absentee funeral prayer. He is survived by three children. His wife, Fareesha Ibrahim, passed away a couple of years earlier.

Ibrahim Manik dedicated most of his life to the broadcasting industry. He worked as the English secretary, program planner, and producer for Radio Maldives. In DRA, he served as a program producer, assistant director, deputy director, and director.

During his 27-year career in the industry, he also served as the director general of broadcasting at the Department of Information and Broadcasting.

He served as the Minister of Information, Arts, and Culture from November 11, 1993, to September 13, 2004.

During his 35-year-long career in government, he also served as the Minister of Youth, Development, and Sports. He started his career in government on January 19, 1971.

In 1996, Ibrahim Manik was presented with the National Award for Recognition to celebrate his contributions to promoting music. He also received the "Minivan 25" Award for Public Service and special recognition awards in 1999, 2000, and 2001 for his contributions to promoting Dhivehi literature.

In 2022, he received the Broadcast Lifetime Achievement Award conferred by BroadCom for his invaluable services to the industry.