Court orders MVR 1.1M compensation payment to Islamic Ministry’s ex-PS in three days

Then-Islamic Ministry permanent secretary, Musab Abdulla (R). (Photo/Islamic Ministry)

The Civil Court has ordered the Civil Service Commission (CSC) to pay MVR 1.1 million within three days to Musab Abdulla, who was dismissed from the post of permanent secretary at the Islamic Ministry back in 2021.

Following his dismissal, Musab filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against CSC with the Civil Court. While he lost in Civil Court, he won upon appeal with the High Court, which ruled that while he cannot be restored to his former position as it was already filled by someone else, he was owed MVR 1,187,766.66 as compensation.

Civil Court filed for an enforcement order with the Civil Court after CSC failed to pay the compensation.

CSC said they wished to appeal the High Court verdict, and therefore wished for an order to suspend the enforcement of the verdict pending the outcome of appeal.

However, the Civil Court decided Wednesday the verdict must be followed for as long as a superior court does not issue an order to suspend the enforcement of the verdict.

The court ordered CSC to pay the MVR 1.1 million compensation to Musab before noon Sunday, November 27.

Musab was appointed as Islamic Ministry’s PS on July 25, 2017. He was suspended by the CSC based on four complaints against him on May 29, 2019. He was initially suspended with pay, but had his suspension extended for four times without pay.

He was dismissed citing violation of Civil Service Act, and civil service regulations and code of conduct on September 10, 2021.