Multiple injuries after fight breaks out during futsal match in Ungoofaaru

Screen grab from fight between supporters during a futsal match in R. Ungoofaaru on November 13, 2022.

A fight broke out among supporters during the final of the Raa Atoll Futsal Cup on Sunday, resulting in multiple injuries, including women and children.

The final was between Dhuvaafaru and Inguraidhoo.

An eye witness told Sun the fight broke out between supporters from the two teams when Dhuvaafaru supporters began throwing water bottles and stones on the pitch after Inguraidhoo took a three-goal lead.

According to the eye witness, the police separated the supporters of the two teams by moving them to two sides of the pitch, but the fight resumed after the match ended.

The eye witness said that multiple people were injured during the second fight, including women and children. Some were taken to the hospital after the incident.

Ungoofaaru Hospital states that 18 people were taken to the hospital with injuries, including eight children.

Three remain at the hospital.

Photos received by Sun show some of the children injured in the incident with bandages covering their heads.

Inguraidhoo MP Hassan Ahmed (Hassantay), who went to spectate the match, was also reportedly injured in the incident.

The details of his injuries are unclear at this point.

Dhuvaafaru won the match by 4-3.