MWSC introduces new premium water brand ‘Aro’

'Aro' the first premium bottled water brand of Maldives, introduced by MWSC. (Photo / MWSC)

Maldives Water and Sewerage Company (MWSC) has introduced a new brand of water bottles ‘Aro’ for Maldives.

The brand was introduced at a special ceremony held in Marina at Crossroads, by the Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation Aistha Nahula.

This new bottle was introduced with the aim to promote the Maldivian slogan.

Speaking at the ceremony in this regard, the Managing Director of MWSC Hassan Shah said that Aro water bottle represents “Maldives in a bottle”.

“The Aro bottle represents three aspects of this beautiful Maldives. That is the Maldivian slogan. The Sunny Side of Life. Sun, sand, and sea.”

Additionally, Shah said that Aro water was crafted to appeal to the likes of locals and tourists, including natural minerals. It is a good quality and mineralized water, he added.

Furthermore, he expressed that this was an essential step taken to promote the beauty of the Maldives to the tourists who visit the country, as well as to increase awareness of protecting and maintaining natural resources.

“As Maldivian tourism moves ahead at a fast speed, the industry can only be sustained by introducing such Maldivian brands to the market.”

It would be an economical gain for Maldives to be able to compete with international products through advertising.

ARO is the first premium bottled water brand in Maldives. It comes in 500ml and 1,000ml glass bottles.