Islamic Minister: Following parents’ guidance will clear path to success

Minister of Islamic Affairs Dr Ahmed Zahir Ali Speaking at Ahmadhiyya International School’s Secondary Prize Day 2022. (Sun photo / Mohamed Hayyan)

Minister of Islamic Affairs Dr Ahmed Zahir Ali on Sunday said that listening to parents’ advice and following it would clear the path to success.

Speaking at Ahmadhiyya International School’s Secondary Prize Day 2022 at Dharubaaruge on Sunday evening, the minister said that although parents' advice might not seem useful now, following it would clear the road to progress.

The minister also said that when coming to face a society filled with hope, there will be unpleasant and adverse things. He advised the students to be aware of these and to keep a distance from such things.

“There will be those pretending to care, and giving the advice to stay you off the path. Those people must never be forgotten about under any circumstances.”

Moreover, the Islamic Minister said that the most important thing students need to stay away from was sinning.

In addition to this, he shared with the students a tale about Imam Al-Shafi'ee. He urged students to take advice from it and to stay away from sin.

During the ceremony, students who scored high in the SSC and Cambridge O-levels last year, and students who ranked in the world's top 10 were presented with awards.