Avid College hosts panel discussion on leadership

From the panel discussion held by Avid Colle‘Developing and Refining your Leadership Approach’. (Photo / Avid College)

Avid College on Saturday hosted an open panel discussion on leadership.

The discussion under the theme, ‘Developing and Refining your Leadership Approach’, was held at Stelco Building in Male’ City.

Leaders of some of the schools, senior management of Stelco as well as the management of Avid College took part in the event.

The session was kicked off by the Chairman of Avid Abdulla Musthaq Rashaadh, whose statement welcomed everyone.

Participants of the panel were Vice-Chancellor Professor Peter John CBE and Pro Vice-Chancellor Business Development Dr Suresh Gamlath, both from the University of West London, Rector of Avid College Dr Sunina Rasheed, the Vice Rector of Avid College Ahmed Fayaz Hassan, Deans of Avid College Dr Aishath Rameela, Dr Zakriyyaa Moosa and Mariyam Waseema.

In addition to this, Professor John addressed the gathering. His speech centered around strengthening leadership in management and further developing it.

He also spoke about the challenges leaders may face, who real leaders were and some of the negative aspects that some leaders may have, and the various types of leaders.

Moreover, during the session, the professor answered some of the questions asked by the participants.