8-year old passes away due to dengue

Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH). (File Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

An eight-year-old has succumbed to dengue fever in Maldives.

The paediatrician at IGMH, Dr Ahmed Faisal said to Sun that it was an eight-year-old girl who passed away.

He noted that this was the second minor to have died due to the illness this year. The child who passed away early was not even a year old.

Moreover, he stated that even at the moment there are three people undergoing treatment in IGMH for dengue.

Over the past July and August, the number of people with three diseases has increased, including Dengue as per the Health Protection Agency (HPA).

While there were only 21 cases of dengue reported in July 2021, the figure was 322 this year. As for August of  2021, the number of cases was only nine, but for this year, it was 268.

HPA advised to cover as much as possible, to make use of mosquito repellent, and to keep doors and windows closed early morning and, in the evening, as preventative measures. Moreover, they advised not to discard items like cans which can retain water on streets and home premises.

Home remedies suggested by HPA for those contracting dengue included drinking more fluids, resting, and taking paracetamol. They have also advised consulting a doctor if the fever exceeds three days, is unable to take fluids or feels too weak.